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Áo phao tự thổi NISYROS Eval 04327

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Mã Sản Phẩm 04327
Hãng Sản Xuất Eval
Xuất Xứ Greece
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    The new inflatable lifejacket series “NISYROS” features ergonomic and lightweight design, which combines high quality and comfort. Available in two sizes: for adults and for children. Both size categories exceed the minimum buoyancy required by the standard, and especially the children’s size offers the highest level of buoyancy in the market. All materials are certified according to the European standard EN ISO 12402-7.

    Lifejacket features:
    – UML inflator
    – one 24gr or 38gr or 60gr CO2 cylinder
    – New air chamber design at the category of 190N that protects from water funneling, directing water away from user’s airways
    – SOLAS approved retro reflective tape
    – EN ISO 12401 approved safety harness
    – fitted crotch strap
    – lifting loop
    – EN ISO 12402-8 approved whistle
    – oral tube
    – can be equipped with all EVAL SOLAS approved lifejacket lights


    Code Size UML Inflator Body Weight Chest Circumference CO₂ Cyclinder Unit
    04327-01 Adult MK5 Automatic >40 kg ≤140 cm 38 gr UNIT
    04327-01PRO Adult Pro Sensor Auto Elite >40 kg ≤140 cm 38 gr UNIT
    04327-02 Child MK5 Automatic 20 – 40 kg 60 – 90 cm 24 gr UNIT
    04327-02PRO Child Pro Sensor Auto Elite 20 – 40 kg 60 – 90 cm 24 gr UNIT
    04327-03PRO Adult Pro Sensor Auto Elite >40 kg ≤140 cm 60 gr UNIT
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