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Aplus A3000 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

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    Aplus A3000 Feature

    • Drag rescue device (DRD) for easy rescue of any man down
    • Anti-static impact resistant light weight space frame
    • HP/MP hoses tucked away neatly to prevent tearing and abrasion
    • Reflective shoulder indicators
    • Hard wearing flame retardant webbing
    • Rapid quick coupling – able to customize for dual users
    • Comfortable weight bearing padding
    • Rubber gauge cover impact protection
    • Stainless steel adjustment pull ring
    • Lightweight and flame retardant buckles

    Aplus A3000

    The APLUS A3000 is a breathing apparatus for firefighters, rescuers and works requiring complete respiratory protection. Combining comfort without sacrificing performance, it is suitable for applications where simplicity and ease of use are key essentials. Lightweight yet robust, and easy to don, this advanced breathing apparatus provides the ultimate in breathing protection.

    Aplus A3000 System Components

    A20 Full-face Mask

    The APLUS A20 full-face mask features a silicon inner mask which is designed to be soft and comfortable for the user. The silicon/ EPDM face seal is easy to wear and provides a good seal between users’ face and mask. The polycarbonate spherical window provides a wide and clear view for the user.

    A3000 Lung Demand Valve (LDV)

    Suitable for the most extreme applications whenever Breathing Apparatus has to be worn: with its compact and robust design, and excellent pneumatic performance, the APLUS A3000 Lung Demand Valve (LDV) will always deliver the air that you need.

    Compressed Air Breathing Cylinders

    Designed with the latest technology, APLUS’s range of Composite Cylinders can be used in any application where breathing becomes difficult or impossible.

    High Pressure Reducer

    High pressure reducer keeps the medium pressure stable regardless of the residual pressure in the cylinder or cylinders and the respiratory rate.

    Dual Reading High Pressure Gauge

    Dual readings ensures majority of users know what the reading represents. The pressure gauge also features a fluorescent surface (luminous function) and an external rubber casing to absorb vibration due to shocks and knocks.

    Alarm Whistle

    A powerful 90dB whistle activates to warn the user and those around once the air supply drops to 50 – 60 bar. Whistle is designed to consume less air when activated thus saving remaining air for the user.

    Optional Add-On

    Aplus A3000

    Voice Communication System

    Enable users to communicate via walkie-talkie with the full face mask.

    9-Litre Carbon Composite Cylinder

    Increase capacity and duration of SCBA from 6.8 litre to 9 litre.

    Excess Flow Valves (EFVs)

    Safety devices installed on the cylinder to reduce the risk of accidents.

    Y-Joint Socket

    Enables SCBA to be a buddy breather. A rescue technique for when two people share one air source, alternately breathing from it.

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