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Hãng Sản Xuất Billy Pugh
Xuất Xứ United States
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    Billy Pugh Company is very excited to announce our new product and first of its kind, the RGB-2. Some key elements are fall protection, outer protection, workers are able to work for longer periods safely without the bulk of a square steel basket, weather resistant, and is extremely versatile.

    Excellent for use in place of a sling or boatswain.

    Working in concert with the end users of our equipment has been a cornerstone of our company. Every product that we develop is field tested by the offshore community – both operators and contractors.

    Model Description SWL Weight Dimensions
    RGB-2 2 Man Basket 992 lbs. 480 lbs. 48″ X 48″ X 100″

    Product Features
    The round shape and single connection vertical bar allows for a more versatile work platform and freedom of movement inside.
    The personnel inside have the ability to use fall protection. The main lifting bar that attaches to the crane hook has a secondary safety load line overhead in the unlikely event that the bar fails.
    Single lifting pole
    Steel construction coated with weather resistant powder coating
    Weather resistant carbon steel
    Powder coated with black and yellow doors
    Long Lasting
    Maintenance free
    2 Year Warranty
    Rigging can be replaced in the field

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