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Hải đồ điện tử John Lilley & Gillie Navmaster ECDIS 1200

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Mã Sản Phẩm ECDIS-1200
Hãng Sản Xuất John Lilley Gillie
Xuất Xứ United Kingdom

Type approved with 19″ monitor and 19″ rack mount processor. Variety of mounting options.

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    Hotline: 0938 697 839

    Brochure John Lilley & Gillie ECDIS 800 MKII Brochure John Lilley & Gillie ECDIS 800 MKII pdf 387,34 KB Brochure John Lilley & Gillie ECDIS 800 MKII
    Mô tả sản phẩm

    Navmaster ECDIS is an established Electronic Chart Display and Information System, incorporating the input of many
    navigators and Type-approved to the latest IMO standards.

    Designed to deliver clear functionality and ease of use in a familiar MS Windows environment, Navmaster ECDIS provides for traditional navigation skills in a modern software application. The ECDIS hardware elements are well-suited for installation on newbuilds and simple to retrofit into existing bridge layouts.

    Navmaster ECDIS automatically displays primary and secondary position and provides vital voyage information including:

    • Data from all interfaced sensors
    • ARPA & AIS target data
    • Heading indicator & forward prediction
    • Scaled ship outline
    • Warnings & alarms: anti-grounding, safety contours, off-track, wheelover, critical point etc
    • Automatic logbook plus manual entry
    • Navigator’s toolkit for drawing lines, points, areas on charts with text
    • Manual fixing & event recording
    • Logs & Chart status reports – can be exported in MS Office formats
    • UKHO AIO & TotalTide integrated
    • AIO implementation includes route-checking against both T&P Notices to Mariners and ENC-specific NTMs


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