Thang hoa tiêu Rongsheng Ship Pilot Ladder
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Thang hoa tiêu Rongsheng Ship Pilot Ladder

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    The pilot ladder is a special ladder that helps the pilot board the ship. Pilots perform rudder control, debug communication equipment, inspect ship equipment, and guide ships into and out of ports. Our pilot ladder complies with SOLAS standards and is safe and reliable.

    When purchasing a pilot ladder, you should choose a product with qualified quality and safe structure. Before use, check whether the hooks and connectors of the ladder are firm. When using, you should also pay attention to the smooth movement of the ladder and avoid excessive load, otherwise it will affect the use of the ladder. life span, or even dangerous.

    Correct understanding of the importance of pilot ladders and correct use of pilot ladders are important means to improve pilot work efficiency and ensure pilot safety. At the same time, we should also strengthen pilot skills training, improve pilots’ job literacy, and provide better guarantee and support for pilots’ work.

    Pilots are key personnel in ship navigation, and their safety is closely related to navigation safety. We need to provide them with better protection and improve the overall safety level of the shipping industry.


    Technical Parameters


    1. The bottom four pedals of pilot ladders use steel-lined rubber pedals
    2. The size of the longest stop button pedal: 1801* 115* 28mm
    3. The upper and lower parts of side cables are tied smoothly and firmly, and the diameter is 22mm. Breaking strength of side cables is not less than 800N.
    4. The rubber pedal has a Shore hardness of 70-80, and the breaking strength is greater than 1078Mpa.

    Scope of application

    Ladders for pilots to safely leave or board the ship

    Comply with SOLAS1974 and its latest amendments

    Pedal material

    Hard beech





    Step Spacing

    330±20 mm

    Material & Diameter of Side Rope

    Brown rope

    Rope diameter

    22 mm

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