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Thuyền cứu hộ nhanh JingYin Wolong JY60KR

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Mã Sản Phẩm JY60KR
Hãng Sản Xuất JingYin Wolong
Xuất Xứ China
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    JingYin Wolong davit rescue boat JingYin Wolong davit rescue boat pdf 284.67 KB JingYin Wolong davit rescue boat
    Mô tả sản phẩm

    Fast rescue boat JingYin Wolong JY60KR

    Main material

    Rescue Boat is made of F.R.P. (Fire-Retardant). Approved marine watertight resin as adhesive and fiberglass cloth and mat as reinforced material are laminated in the female mold.

    Principal dimension


    Length 6.00m

    Length over all 6.35m

    Breadth 2.20m

    Breadth max. 2.55M

    Depth 1.05m

    Height Max≈ 2.42M

    Persons and Weight

    Unloaded Weight 1180kg 1280Kg

    Davit load with 3 persons 1427.5kg 1527.5Kg

    Davit load with 6 persons 1675kg 1775Kg

    Davit load with 10 persons 2005kg 2105Kg

    Davit load with 15 person 2417.5kg 2517.5Kg



    3 – 15 人


    Total Volume 8.102 m3
    Foam Volume 2.317 m3

    Out board Engine

    Type Mercury
    Power 60Hp/75Hp/ 90Hp 60Hpx2
    Revolution 5000 -5500rpm 5000 -5500rpm
    Oil Capacity 100L 100L


    Speed(3 Persons) ≥20 Knots
    Speed (15 Persons) ≥8 Knots
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