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Thiết bị bắn dây mồi cứu hộ Restech, PLT® R-230

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The base unit contains a built-in air cylinder for filling of compressed air up to 200/300 bars (2900/4350psi). This is sufficient for 4/6 shots before refilling is necessary. The air cylinder is fitted with standard fittings for diving and BA-equipment for filling of dry clean air from a high-pressure compressor.

Four projectiles and one training projectile come with the PLT. The projectiles are made of ABS plastic with aluminium inner tube. The projectiles are filled with 240m (263yd) nylon line, and can be reloaded and re-used. The Training Projectile is made of POM-plastic with a rubber tip. It does not carry the line inside, but a line box.


  • PLT Basic with Air Cylinder
  • Launching Tube R-230
  • 4 x Projectile Rescue R-230 complete with lines
  • Loading Device
  • Launching Tube Training
  • Training Projectile
  • Line box with 120m/5mm line (4400N)
  • CD with user manual


  • Type: PLT R-230
  • Shooting range: min 230 m
  • Line Strength: min 2000N
  • Line thickness: 3.2mm
  • Recoil: max 5400N
  • Flight time: approx. 4 sec
  • Approval: MED, USCG



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