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Thiết bị định vị cá nhân sMRT AU10-HT PLB

Hãng Sản Xuất MRT
Xuất Xứ United Kingdom
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The flight approved sMRT AU10-HT automatically alerts on 121.5MHz within 2-5 seconds and will track casualties via AIS to within 10 metres.

Automatic activation will alert you of every MOB incident within 2 – 5 seconds. With GPS position updated every minute via AIS, your and every nearby vessel becomes an instant SAR asset able to track multiple casualties up to 75 miles away*.

Why choose the sMRT AU10-HT PLB?

  • Flight approved
  • Activates automatically on immersion in water or manually
  • Alerts via traditional 121.5MHz
  • Indicates GPS position via AIS every minute
  • Individual MMSI identification
  • Multiple targets can be tracked simultaneously
  • Up to 75 mile range with worldwide satellite coverage
  • Built in flashing light enhances visual detection
  • Utilises existing Sea Marshall 121.5MHz receivers/SARfinders
  • Annual recertification ensures optimum performance


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