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Áo phao dạng vest Rongsheng  RSGY-2

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    The three-piece PVC life jacket is an essential item for anyone who spends time on or around water. This product is especially suitable for offshore oil platform operators, as well as coastal and inland river personnel, wide range of applications, such as Offshore facilities, Port, Docks operators use. The reason why we choose this is high visible color, can donning easily, less interference with work, not stuffy. Buoyancy loss is less than 5% after immersing 24h in water. So we have enough time to be rescued by searching person.

    The three-piece PVC life jacket is designed and manufactured according to relevant international standards and combined with ergonomics, and is suitable for use by people of all sizes. The high-quality NBR is used as the buoyancy material, and the surface is sprayed with multiple layers of plastic paint, which is completely non-absorbent, and the actual buoyancy loss after entering the water is less than 2%.

    Buoyancy: >100N

    Tensile Strength: >882N

    Buoyancy Loss: After immersion in water for 24h, buoyancy loss <5%

    Its Advantages Are:

    1. It feels light, comfortable and not stuffy in use
    2. In case of cutting or puncturing, the closed-cell buoyancy material will not absorb water
    3. Easy to clean
    4. Equipped with reflective tape and can be installed with hooks

    Durable and high visible three pieces work vest suit to marine platform and offshore worker use

    Adjustable shoulder and side heavy duty full wraparound harness and chest harness

    Reflective tape on front and back as required for improved visibility

    Contrasting stitching at waistband and shoulder straps

     The crotch strap is attached to the life jacket and helps to keep the life jacket securely in place. This strap runs between the legs and attaches to the back of the waistcoat. It is adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit, and it helps to prevent the PVC life jacket from riding up or slipping off.

     The buoyancy aid is a separate piece that can be worn over the waistcoat. It is designed to provide additional flotation and buoyancy, particularly for people who are not strong swimmers or who may be working in rough water conditions. The buoyancy aid is often brightly colored and includes reflective tape SOLAS approved to make the wearer more visible in low-light settings.

     Whether you are a offshore oil platform personnel, a kayaker, a boater, or just someone who likes to swim, this type of PVC life jacket is an essential piece of gear that should not be overlooked.

    Item name

    PVC Life Vest (Three pieces type)





    Length of two front pieces


    Length of back piece


    Inner material

    PVC exported

    Surface mateial

    Plastic varnish gum



    Buoyancy loss

    ≤ 2% after 24hours in water


    Water safety, petroleum operation safety;


    Large Buoyancy; Portable, Durable

    Working life jacket designed and manufactured according to EN ISO12402-4 standard.

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