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Bình khí thở bằng nhôm phủ lớp sợi carbon 6.8L 300 bar

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Mã Sản Phẩm 2006640 CYL-FWC-1860
Hãng Sản Xuất 3M
Xuất Xứ United Kingdom

2006640 CYL-FWC-1860 Empty

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    3m Scott Cylinder Brochure 3m Scott Cylinder Brochure pdf 156.19 KB 3m Scott Cylinder Brochure
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    CYL-FWC-1860 6.8 litre, 300 bar, carbon fibre fully wrapped aluminium composite cylinder, CE specification, cylinder design life 15, years complete with cylinder valve incorporating safety locking handwheel. 1860 litre free air capacity providing total duration of 46 minutes*. Dimensions: 160mm diameter x 600mm long. Fully Charged Weight – 7.1kg For cylinder to be used with ACS/new ProPak please add suffix -RA

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