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Bộ Quần Áo Chống Mất Nhiệt Survitec 1000 Series Tri-Approved Gen 2

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Mã Sản Phẩm S1-1000GP100
Hãng Sản Xuất Survitec
Xuất Xứ United Kingdom
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    4-hour certified, award-winning immersion suit for helicopter passengers travelling to and from helidecks located in hostile sea areas. The suit’s outer shell is waterproof, breathable and inherently flame retardant, while the lining uses phase change materials to provide thermal protection to the ETSO standard and increase wearer comfort.


    • Internal liner integrates NASA-developed technology to facilitate thermal regulation for increased comfort and in-water survivability
    • Neoprene neck and wrist seals ease donning, avoid damage and eliminate leaks
    • GORE-TEX Nomex outer shell combines breathability with fire protection
    • Waterproof zip configuration saves weight and aids comfort
    • Air release valves enable rapid escape and safety in the water
    • Industry’s biggest size range to provide an ‘off the shelf’ custom fit for greater safety
      and comfort
    • Unisex design improves comfort for all heights between 150 cm and 220 cm
      Abandonment only version available with metal zips and in sealed foil bag for 5-year service life

    Breaking workplace barriers and winning awards with Shell

    We have won an Offshore Achievement Award for diversity and inclusion in partnership with Shell. Recognising our efforts in removing barriers, improving the working experience, and building an inclusive culture. The award was a result of a project initiated by Shell’s colleague survey, which revealed that a significant number of male and female crew had to change immersion suits multiple times before flight, resulting in flight delays and embarrassment. We responded by adjusting the immersion suit rental fleet, increasing the sizing availability by 30%, and achieving a correct fit for the first time. The changes made are now available for all offshore customers.


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