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Bộ thu phát tín hiệu AIS Ocean Signal ATB1 Class B

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Mã Sản Phẩm 762S-02700
Hãng Sản Xuất Ocean Signal
Xuất Xứ United Kingdom
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    AIS Transceiver, Class B
    The ATB1 AIS Transceiver uses SOTDMA for increased AIS visibility and can relay received AIS data via NMEA, USB and WiFi outputs.
    The Ocean Signal ATB1 Class B AIS Transceiver incorporating the superior SOTDMA access scheme provides increased visibility and safety at sea.

    The fully compliant ATB1 Class B SOTDMA AIS Transceiver from Ocean Signal is the latest in a long line of essential sea-safety equipment developed and manufactured in the UK for the Maritime market.

    Designed as an aid to collision-avoidance, it provides a significant advantage in navigational safety giving you the peace of mind that your vessel will be seen day or night, no matter the weather, on today’s busy waterways.

    Your vessel information such as position, speed, course and heading is ascertained automatically and continuously using the impressive internal multi-GPS receiver for accurate global positioning. Boasting 99 acquisition channels and 33 tracking channels, this advanced technology ensures that the AIS transmissions provide the most accurate indication of your vessel’s position at all times.

    Other vessel information such as vessel name, call sign, type and dimensions as well as the MMSI are also transmitted automatically from the ATB1. This information is uploaded to the ATB1 via WiFi directly from Ocean Signal’s user-friendly mobile app or website. Once this information has been uploaded, it remains stored in the unit’s nonvolatile memory even if powered down for long periods of time.

    The ATB1 also receives and interprets AIS messages from other AIS equipped vessels within range, which can then be relayed effortlessly to other navigation devices such as chart plotters, laptops or mobiles using the ATB1’s NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000®, USB or WiFi outputs.

    Using the superior SOTDMA* access scheme sets the ATB1 apart from the CSTDMA** class B products available. This Ocean Signal Class B unit has the same AIS transmission priority as a class A unit, giving the added assurance that there will be no loss or delay of transmission, even in high traffic areas.

    The ATB1 also has a faster reporting rate and higher output power than CSTDMA class B units. It sends AIS transmissions every 5 seconds instead of the maximum two transmissions per minute and the 5W output power instead of 2W allows your transmissions to reach further.

    A multi-colour LED indicator light on the ATB1 signals the on-going operational status of the unit. This additional safety feature provides you the confidence of knowing that the ATB1 has continuous AIS transmission and optimal performance. The ATB1 has a sleek yet rugged waterproof design that is high on performance and low on energy consumption.

    It is quick and simple to install and comes complete with an external GPS antenna, meaning that all you need is the use of a suitable device (mobile phone, tablet or PC) to upload your vessel information, and you can begin transmitting your AIS messages within minutes.

    A leader in life-saving maritime products for the professional and leisure markets, Ocean Signal yet again provides the ultimate in safety and peace of mind with the ATB1 Class B Transceiver.

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