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Cán cứu thương Ocean Safety 2m

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Hãng Sản Xuất Ocean Safety
Xuất Xứ United Kingdom
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    Constructed from high density polyethylene complete with a supportive stainless steel outer rail (permanently attached to the stretcher) and a non absorbent foam mattress.
    • Size : 209 x 60 x 190 cm, Weight 14kg (approx)
    • SWL : 250kg

    A rigid basket stretcher with multiple hand holes & lifting points & foot plate.
    Designed for hand, rope and helicopter rescue.
    Suitable for a wide range of situations.

    Strong polyethylene and aluminium structure
    Adjustable lifting bridles available
    Comes complete with patient restraint straps
    Moulded runners and handholds
    Resists chemicals and extreme temperature

    Flotation Device for Basket Stretcher
    Orange Nylon/PVC Carry Bag for Basket Stretcher
    Spare set of 3 Patient Restraint Straps

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