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Đèn áo phao cứu sinh LALIZAS Alkalite II

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Mã Sản Phẩm 72348
Hãng Sản Xuất LALIZAS
Xuất Xứ Greece
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    Lifejacket LED flashing light Lifejacket LED flashing light "Alkalite II" 72348 pdf 231.32 KB Lifejacket LED flashing light
    Brochure_LED lifejacket lights Brochure_LED lifejacket lights pdf 508.31 KB Brochure_LED lifejacket lights
    Lifejacket light assembly instructions on ISO & SOLAS lifejackets Lifejacket light assembly instructions on ISO & SOLAS lifejackets pdf 1,011.32 KB Lifejacket light assembly instructions on ISO & SOLAS lifejackets
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    LALIZAS Lifejacket LED flashing light “Alkalite II” ON-OFF water activated, USCG, SOLAS/MED

    LALIZAS can offer you a wide range of maritime lifesaving equipment, including flashing lights which can be used on any type of lifejacket in order to keep you visible at sea even in the worst of scenarios.

    The LALIZAS Lifejacket flashing light “Alkalite II” is the ideal one for both cruise vessels and ferries able to enhance all passengers’ safety. Its high battery performance and automatical activation when in contact with water add an extra safety feeling while sailing on board. It is SOLAS certified. Detailed features of this product are:

    – Water-Activated LED Flashlight Technology
    – Extra powerful LED light
    Offers lower consumption and longer life and operates automatically when it comes in contact with water.
    – ON-OFF button operation
    To turn it ON-OFF when out of water
    – Durable Plastic Body
    100% Waterproof via ultrasound welding & epoxy resin for extra safety.
    – Universal Size Clamp
    Fits & locks easily in two moves with every 20 – 50 mm lifejacket belt, providing security & stability against sudden moves of panic
    – Inspection Friendly Label

    Easy to read label for instant inspection.

    – Alkaline Battery
    Smoother and easier waste management. Ensures 5 year lifetime and more than 8 hours of continuous operation.
    – Eco-friendly disposal
    – SOLAS/MED/USCG approval

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