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Đèn chống cháy nổ phao tròn Rongsheng RSQD-Ex

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    The Explosion-Proof lifebuoy Self Igniting light is equipped on the lifebuoy, which is suitable for indicating the position of the lifebuoy at sea to the ship’s personnel and rescue personnel by light signals at night. 

    Comply With SOLAS 1974 And Latest Amendment

     Flare time: more than 2 hours

    Illuminant: LED

    Luminous Intensity: more than 2.0 cd

    Flash Frequency: 50-70 times/minute

    Validity: 5 years

    Certificate: CCS/EC

    Installation And Use

     1. Installation:

    Install the lifebuoy lamp fixing clip on the ship’s side near the lifebuoy or on the lifebuoy bracket (the installation position of the lifebuoy lamp fixing clip should ensure that the lifebuoy lamp can be released smoothly with the lifebuoy), then fix the lifebuoy lamp switch pull rope on the lifebuoy amp fixing clip, then clip the lifebuoy lamp cap downward on the lifebuoy lamp fixing clip, and finally fix the lifebuoy lamp tether on the lifebuoy.

    2. Use:

    When the lifebuoy is thrown into the water, the lifebuoy lamp will also be automatically released from the lifebuoy lamp fixing clip and thrown into the water (when the lifebuoy lamp is released from the lifebuoy lamp fixing clip, the lifebuoy lamp switch will be automatically pulled out, and the lifebuoy lamp will be in working state and send out flashing signal).Note: After the lifebuoy lamp falls into the water, the lamp head will automatically face up and float on the water.

    Routine Maintenance

     1. Explosion-Proof lifebuoy Self Igniting light is free from daily maintenance, but the following inspections should be carried out regularly during use:

    2. Ensure that the lifebuoy lamp is always in the correct installation position during storage.

    Appearance inspection: whether the lampshade and shell of the lifebuoy lamp are intact and free of cracks to ensure the overall water tightness.

    3. Switch function inspection: pull out the switch and the lifebuoy lamp shall work normally; The Explosion-Proof lifebuoy Self Igniting light should be turned off immediately after the switch is inserted.

    4. Check the product nameplate to confirm whether the lifebuoy lamp is within the validity period. If it is beyond the validity period, replace the lifebuoy lamp immediately.

    Environmental Protection And Safety

     Do not discard Explosion-Proof lifebuoy Self Igniting light that have been used or expired at will. Please dispose of them according to relevant local or national regulations.

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