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Gậy làm hàng Higheasy PST2 90 inches

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    • 72inch
    • Push Force>2800N
    • Pull Force>1650N
    • Withstand Voltage>9999V
    • Product description: 72 inch push pull pole with light nylon tool head

    PST2-72 inch push pull pole with light nylon tool head

    PST2 The tool head is more lighter, while achieving maximum strength, the product is lighter and the user is more relaxed.

    The size we can supply:






    other size can be customered based on requestment

    Push-pull operations are often carried out in production and life on land or offshore. HIGHEASY® high-strength insulated push-pull rods are mainly used in docks, mines, power, oil and gas energy and offshore petrochemical industries. Push the goods away from them, or pull the fishing nets and cables towards them.


    HIGHEASY® high strength insulated push-pull rod mainly includes

    1. High-strength non-slip insulation rod;

    2. D Shape or I shape comfortable insulated grips;

    3. High-strength insulated push-pull Shape nylon tool head, you can choose nylon surface and rubber surface;

    4. Anti-falling and non-slip hand guards are installed on the pole. During the push-pull operation, the operator can easily grasp and push and pull during the use, and protect the hands to prevent the falling objects from hurting the hand.


    SGS Test Report for HIGHEASY PUSH POLE

    Push Force>2800N

    Pull Force>1650N

    Withstand Voltage>9999V


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