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Áo Phao Làm Việc Rongsheng RSGY-1

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    The SOLAS Approved Life Jacket Light can fixed on lifejacket easily. when person drop into water, light will turn on directly.

    Installation And Operation

    1. Installtion

    There is a clip on back of the SOLAS Approved Life Jacket Light, could fasten on the chest of lifejacket.

    2. Use

    Put on the marine lifejacket first, hold the upper end of the water touch switchfirmly with your left hand, grasp the red pull ring at the bottom with your right handand pull down the red pull ring until the slide of the water touch switch moves down.

    When the water touch switch meets water, the SOLAS Approved Life Jacket Light will emit a flashingsignal;

    When the light is not needed, push up the slide of the bottom water touch switchby hand, and the flash will go out.

    Lighting Period


    Frequency of Flash

    50-70 Flashes/min

    Luminous Intensity


    Luminous style


    Light colou





    Lithum Battery

    Term of Validity

    5 Years

    IMPA code

    33 01 43






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