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Bộ quần áo chống mất nhiệt Rongsheng RSF-I

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    SOLAS Immersion Suits Model No.: RSF-I
    Made of PU coated nylon, NO need for wearing additional life jacket
    Used for Navy, fishing vessels, offshore, cargo and passenger ships.

    Marine Immersion Suit Standard: SOLAS
    Approval: CCS & 96/98/EC

    Since the jacket, trousers, gloves and oil proof shoes are joined permanently as one suit, the whole body could be covered with the exception of the face provided with buoyancy, watertight property and thermal insulation. The suit can be equipped with lifejacket light,whistle and buoyant line-throwing, no need to wear additional lifejacket. As one kind of personal life saving appliance, Immersion suit has to be provided for all navigation area of seagoing ships and offshore platform. There are four size available: extra large(XL), Large(L), Medium(M) and Small(S) which are for the height of 1950mm-2050mm, 1800mm-1950mm, 1650mm-1800mm and 1500mm-1650mm accordingly.

    TFloating Performance:

    the wearer can turn over within 5S,so that his face is toward up and the nose and mouth portion is 120mm above the water level ,after the wearer soaks in water for 24hours,the floating force loss of the suit is less than 5%.

    Outer material made of hardly flammable, tear-proof nylon in orange, inner neoprene layer in yellow (even after water contact the orange structure of the nylon is preserved), 3 times glued and watertightly sewn on the outside with a tear-proof thread, excellent insulation even when water penetration occurs due to a damage of the suit.

    Hood and gloves attached to the suit, face-flap for additional insulation, Reflecting tape on arms, legs, breast and head, signalling whistle, attachment possibility for a strobe light, pocket with buddy line and stainless carbine snap, each suit individually pressure tested.

    5.0 mm neoprene, excellent performance in medium water temperatures, fulfils all SOLAS requirements, foam filled pillow provides buoyancy, heavy-duty harness for helicopter lift-up, large breastpocket.

    The neoprene itself is self-extingushing. Suit can be used without lifejacket.

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