Rongsheng Marine Life Raft Light RSFD-31
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Đèn cho bè cứu sinh Rongsheng RSFD-3

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    The liferaft light contain three models:RSFD-2, RSFD-3, and RSFD-4. Their power source are lithium battery, light source are LED. The switch design of RSFD-2 and RSFD-3 is a plug-in type, Control the opening and closing of the micro switch by the pin, the performance is stable and reliable. The switch of RSFD-4 is push-pull type, which controls the opening and closing of the micro switch by the movement of strong magnetic. After the LED is used as a light source, the product has the advantages of small volume, light weight, long illumination time, and good stability etc. 

    SOLAS 1974 and Amendments, Chapter III, Articles 4, 7, 22, 26, 32 and 34 MSC.48(66) amended by MSC.207(81)),LSA Chapters I and II MSC.81(70) amended by MSC.200(80), MSC.226(82), and MSC.323(89), part 1, section 10.

    Before install and use, try to make sure light can work no abnormality, then wiring and installing Canopy light according to the design requirements of liferaft.

    Install Interior lights and batteries on the Arch.Pay attention to the pin or the cable switch facing down when installing the battery.When the liferaft inflated, the switch wire is pulled out to start the power supply.At this time, the external light flashes and the internal light is constantly bright.If need turn off the power, can use the spare pins.


    5. USE OPERATION: 5 years (Retry lighting during the annual inspection and pay attention to the validity period.)

    6. VALIDITY:

    7.PACKING SPECIFICATION:25pcs/Carton Volume:0.019m3/Carton

    Discarded expired products shall be handled in accordance with the relevant policies of the local environmental protection department.

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