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Đèn tín hiệu cứu sinh Daniamant ST-250

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Hãng Sản Xuất Daniamant
Xuất Xứ United Kingdom
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    ST-250 Signaling Torch
    Daniamant introduces the new ST-250 Signalling Torch for use in liferafts and lifeboats, plus
    other lifesaving situations.
    Approved to ISO18813:2006 and SOLAS requirements the ST-250 Torch is capable of Morse
    signalling and a constant beam, producing a maximum concentrated beam of 250cd.
    Lasting a minimum of 5 hours, the torch is supplied with a spare LED bulb and battery and
    enclosed in a moisture proof case.
    In addition to this, the Torch has been tested to IP67 and IP68 and is waterproof to 50m.
    It is compact and lightweight and uses user replaceable AA alkaline cell’s (lithium can also
    be used to increase the operating time further). Ideal for everyday cabin use as well as in
    emergency liferaft grab bags.

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