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Đèn tín hiệu Daniamant Odeo Strobe Pin Lithium

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Mã Sản Phẩm 32-001A
Hãng Sản Xuất Daniamant
Xuất Xứ United Kingdom
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    Daniamant introduces the latest model in the popular ODEO product family. The new ODEO Strobe is designed for use in lifesaving situations as a collision warning signal, or to pinpoint your position in a distress situation.

    Approved to MED, SOLAS and USCG requirements the ODEO Strobe is capable of a visible high intensity flash and includes an Infra-Red signal. The ODEO Strobe has a maximum luminous intensity of 50cd visible for over 3 nautical miles.

    Lasting up to 2 days, the strobe light is also waterproof to 50m (IP68). It is compact and lightweight and uses a user replaceable AA lithium or alkaline cell, also included is a velcro strap to make mounting the ODEO Strobe to your life jacket or belt easy, so that the strobe light can be accessible the moment you need it.


    The ODEO Strobe can be held by hand in an emergency situation or fitted to a lifejacket using the velcro strap that is supplied with the unit. Easily accessible and easily activated.

    Typical Use:

    The ODEO Strobe gives a very effective visual signal for position indication or collision warning. Its powerful output and long life means it can be activated and no further action is required. it will continue to flash for up to 2 days.

    Power Supply:

    The ODEO Strobe uses 4 x AA L91 Lithium batteries or 4 x AA alkaline batteries. These batteries have the required shelf-life and power capacity and will operate over an extended temperature range. Lithium provides superior duration, especially in cold conditions. Please note battery types cannot be mixed.

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    1. Phương Thảo

      Thiết bị tín hiệu Daniamant Odeo Strobe là một thiết bị tín hiệu chuyên dụng, nó thật hữu ít khi chúng ta cần người khác biết vị trí của mình.

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