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Hệ thống thu phát tín hiệu AIS Ocean Signal ATB1 Class B và MOB1

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Hãng Sản Xuất Ocean Signal
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    AIS Transceiver, Class B
    The ATB1 AIS Transceiver uses SOTDMA for increased AIS visibility and can relay received AIS data via NMEA, USB and WiFi outputs.

    ATB1 AIS Class B Bundle. Includes the
    ATB1 & 2x MOB1 to provide a complete AIS Man Overboard system.
    The new Ocean Signal ATB1 AIS package unites the latest in AIS Class B+ technology in the ATB1 transponder with two award-winning rescueME MOB1 man overboard beacons to ensure the best chance of rapid rescue from either the survivor’s own vessel or other vessels in the vicinity if someone falls into the water, the AIS kit brings onboard safety to a new level.

    Easily integrated within a life jacket, the compact MOB1 communicates with the ATB1, as well as AIS equipped boats within about a five-mile range, and will provide two methods of rapidly relaying the man overboard’s position in an emergency. Firstly, it transmits an alert to all AIS receivers and AIS-enabled plotters in the vicinity. Secondly, the MOB1 will activate the DSC alarm on the vessel’s VHF radio to alert fellow crew members. With crew able to track the person’s position while recovery is carried out, the integrated strobe light with moulded lens then ensures the survivor is easily spotted in poor light conditions.

    Click here for more details on the MOB1

    Ocean Signal’s advanced Class B SOTDMA ATB1 AIS transponder is designed to offer boat owners increased visibility and navigational safety. Incorporating the superior SOTDMA technology, the ATB1 offers significant benefits including increased priority for position reports with no loss or delay of transmission, enhancing the user’s ability to be seen by other vessels in busy waters and avoid collision day or night whatever the conditions. It has a faster reporting rate and higher output power than standard CSTDMA Class B units, sending AIS transmissions every five seconds instead of the CSTDMA two transmissions per minute. The unit’s 5W output power, compared to the standard 2W, allows the transmissions to reach further.

    Click here for more details on the ATB1

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