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Billy Pugh X-1000 Personnel Transfer Device1
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Rọ Cẩu Người Billy Pugh X-1000 4 Person

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    The Billy Pugh Company (BPC) X-1000 Personnel Transfer Device incorporates new innovative safety features following extensive customer engagement to determine what the rider truly values in safety and comfort during transfer.

    We received clear feedback that “quick egress” was the most important safety feature valued by the rider. Notably, we also learned that riders want to stand during transfers, face inward, with a soft takeoff/landing being very important.

    We designed the new X-1000 with safety features that can be upgradeable from the current X-904-4 on the market today. We can accommodate the upgrades and retrofit process during the standard 2-year Refurbishment Process.


    Product Highlights

    • Designed to ASME B30.23-2022 Personnel Lifting Systems
    • Working Load Limit (WLL) of 1,200 lbs. for four riders and luggage
    • Self-Righting Flotation System
    • Passive Heave Compensation for softer pickup/takeoff
    • Individual standing cushions for softer landing
    • Enhanced side impact protection on outer perimeter
    • Removable suspended seat option for emergency use
    • Floor grating for improved viewing of landing for the rider
    • Grabline cushions for improved rider comfort
    • Accommodates a stretcher in addition to the emergency seat

    X-1000 Product SPECS

    • 4 Person Capacity
    • WLL 1,200 lbs.
    • Weight: 800 lbs.
    • ASME B30.23-2022 Compliant
    • EN 14502-1 Compliant
    • Patent Pending

    Passive Heave Compensator

    Deck Viewing


    Key Design Features

    • A Safelink designed Poseidon C-500 Passive Heave Compensator has been incorporated into the center pole and connects to the upper master link in the rigging. This engages during the start of the lift and then transfers the load to the main rigging. This softens the initial take off from the deck and reduces risk of jerking the riders.
    • Flotation modules have been added to te upper section of the grablines and top frame to incorporate self-righting floatation without impeding rider egress.
    • Expanded metal has been added to the enter of the floor to enable the rider to simply glance down to see the deck approaching during the landing. This makes the rider more prepared for the landing.
    • 1” nitrile foam with a non-skid surface has been added to the standing areas providing the rider with a cushion for a softer landing.
    • The Emergency Seat is a removable separate product that attaches, via a scissor clamp, to the upper frame of any X-1000 or X-904 model. This gives riders a sitting option in the event of injury or illness, when standing is not advisable.
    • The Grabline Cushions provide padding and comfort to the rider. Affix the cushion by wrapping it around the grabline & securing with Velcro at the desired height of the rider.


    Landing Cushions

    Grabline Cushions

    Emergency Seat


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