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Thuyền cứu hộ nhanh JingYin Wolong JY45KR

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Mã Sản Phẩm JY45KR
Hãng Sản Xuất JingYin Wolong
Xuất Xứ China
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    JingYin Wolong davit rescue boat JingYin Wolong davit rescue boat pdf 284.67 KB JingYin Wolong davit rescue boat
    Mô tả sản phẩm

    Fast rescue boat JingYin Wolong JY45KR

    Design Basis

    Designed and manufactured according to latest regulations of the SOLAS amendments, International life-saving appliance regulation (LSA) and IMO Resolution MSC.81 (70), and MSC.218(82) & MSC.272(85)

    Main Technical Performance

    Mould Length 4.50m
    Mould Breadth 1.86m
    Mould Depth 0.86m
    Occupants 6persons
    Speed >6Knots
    Boat Weight (light)  670Kg
    Boat Weight (fully laden) 1165Kg


    The hull is constructed by hand lay-up with G.R.P material. The hull and the inner hull are separately laminated. The space between the hull and the inner hull is filled with polyurethane foam as buoyancy.

    Classification society certificates accompany all mats, woven roving and resigns applied on boat.

    All fittings on this boat are made of stainless steel, marine grade aluminum copper or galvanized steel. In order to increase the boat’s corrosion-resistant performances.

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