Áo phao foam Rongsheng RSCY-A9
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Áo phao foam Rongsheng RSCY-A9

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    Comply with SOLAS 1974 and latest amendment

    Fabric Material: Polyester

    Buoyancy Material: EPE

    Buoyancy: ≥150N

    Size: 570*305*155mm

    Accessories: Whistle、buddy line、lifting loop.

    There are buoyancy block back and with collar, can keep head over water. High break strength buckle, 400cm2 reflective tape

    Suitable for: Weight: 43kg-140kg Height: ≥155cm Chest circumference: 1750mm

    Certificate: CCS/EC/ZY

    Packing details:

    Each lifejacket packed with one transparent nylon bag then 10 pieces lifejacket packed with a carton

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