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Bộ dụng cụ cứu hộ Irudek RK2


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    Rescue kit designed to facilitate and optimise the evacuation of injured people after a fall. The anchorage point for rescue is secured by extending the rescue pole, where you will seek to “fish” the fall arrest ring by anchoring the connector to one of the fall arrest rings on their harness. It is designed for situations where access to and cooperation of the injured person is limited.

    It includes a D4 descender, 105 cm HaulerBiner hoist, a Rescue Pert pole, two 992 automatic connectors, a CTA02 anchorage strap, a 40 L Irusack rucksack and a 10.5 mm Boa Roll lanyard.


    RegulationEN 12841-C, EN 12278, EN 795B, EN 1891A, EN 363Length30m 50mWeight5.4kg 7.1kg

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