Rongsheng Pressure reducer for breathing apparatus
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Rongsheng Pressure reducer for breathing apparatus

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    The function of the SCBA Preesure Reducer is to reduce the high-pressure gas pressure in the cylinder to the needs of the human body, and continuously supply an appropriate amount of air to meet the human breathing needs.


    The pressure reducing assembly is mainly composed of five parts: pressure reducer, medium pressure pipe, high pressure pipe, alarm whistle and pressure gauge.

    Pressure reducer

    The pressure reducer is made of stainless steel.

    Medium-pressure pipe

    The medium-pressure pipe adopts flame-retardant and pressure-resistant rubber air pipe that meets the requirements of national standards.

    High-pressure pipe

    The high-tech high-pressure pipe design is combined with a pre-alarm system. The high-pressure pipe is built-in and equipped with safety leak holes.

    Pressure gauge

    waterproof structure, can withstand 24 hours of underwater immersion. The dial has a fluorescent display, making it easy to read data in the dark. There is a rubber protective cover on the outside to avoid accidental damage.

    Alarm whistle

    When the air consumption in the cylinder reaches 4Mpa-6Mpa, the alarm will sound no less than 90db to remind the user that there is still at most 16% of the air in the cylinder.

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