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Cáng cứu thương dạng Neil Robertson

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    Neil Robertson Stretcher is designed for removing an injured person from spaces wherein access, doors or hatches are too small to permit the use of regular stretchers. Spaces such as engine room spaces, cargo holds, pump rooms, boiler rooms etc. are few examples of such compact spaces on ship.


    Equipped With Swinging Ring And Rope


    1) Suitable for use in marine, mining, construction and field work applications

    2) Material of main component

    a) Frame: made of no-patched seraya

    b) Outside material: made of canvas, the breaking strength is no less than 50kg

    c) Wire: made of polyethylene wire. Diameter is no less than 12mm, and the breaking strength is more than 1000kg

    Neil Robertson Stretcher

    • Material: High quality canvas + ramin slats
    • Size: 150*38*18cm or 200*38*18cm

    • Weight: 8 -12 kgs

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